I can’t speak highly enough of Leona’s Healing Hands. She encompasses a wide range of skills, from yoga instruction to massage therapy to Reiki healing, all of which are performed with the utmost professionalism and care. I give her my highest recommendation!


Leona is an absolutely amazing therapist. I saw her for daily headaches that I had for a week. She identified the issues and took care of it. She also used Himalaya salt rocks and Wow! I visibly looked and felt younger when she was finished. My headaches also resolved.

My headaches were not the only reason I saw Leona. I am also an Acupuncture Physician and refer my patients for massage. I do not refer my patients to just any massage therapist. Since I have seen Leona, I have already referred several of my patients with difficult to resolve muscular issues.

Leona’s vast knowledge of essential oils is an asset to her practice. I would recommend her classes as well.


As a salon and spa professional I know what great service feels and looks like. Leona hits it on all levels! wonderful results and fantastic service. I have become a regular! Thank you Leona!

Amazing results · Professional masseuses · Luxurious experience · Nice changing rooms · Clean changing rooms


She did a great job! The most relaxed and loose I have felt. She treated my problem areas and really worked out my kinks. I would highly recommend her!

Leona is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and go get a massage from Leona. Whatever ailments or physical limitations you may have will be resolved. Leona will help you figure it out. I rate Leona 5 stars on everything….massages, oils, classes and wellness retreats are all part of the package she can provide. True concierge level service! Simply the best!



January 11, 2023

When it comes to massage (or really anything) I am a pretty harsh critic. I do not settle. I don’t have the time to get massages often and so when I do, it darn well better be good.

Well…look no further. This woman is the real deal. Not only does she know the body and can turn me into a puddle in no

time flat (and I like a very deep tissue massage) when the majority of my muscles are tight as crap from all the things (running, yoga, stress). She can also do energy work at the same time!!!!!

Body relief and mind/heart relief combined!

Energy work with her released some MAJOR stuff for me. Wow! I was forever transformed. Oct 13th is a date that will forever remain with me because of it.

Communicate clearly what you need in your massage (softer, firmer, more, less, here, there, talk to me, don’t talk to me, energy work too, no energy work I’m good) and I am certain you will enjoy your experience.

Highly recommend. Leona is the real deal.


Excellent as professional and wonderful as a person

November 22, 2022

Im so grateful I met Leona as my massage therapist , her skills are excellent and her spirituality and energy is uplifting! Love her massage and company!



November 3, 2022

Leona is magical to say the least! I was completely comfortable and her hands felt so healing. I did an energy work with her as well. I have always been a little all over the place when I meditate but not anymore. I don’t think I would go to anyone else after the hour and a half I spent with her. She’s the best!!


Whoa - So grateful

October 29, 2022

I am a natural skeptic. So did not really have great expectations when I booked my appointment. Wow. I could not have been more wrong. Not only is Leona a gifted massage therapist (and I have been to many) but she is an incredible energy healer. I had such a breakthrough in my session with her that has completely shifted my perspective from unworthy to worthy. From burdened to free. From “I can’t“ to “damn right I can”. I highly recommend her. I am forever grateful.



June 16, 2022

I am a big fan of massages and have been getting massages from Leona biweekly for over 5 years. She is terrific and no one else I went to before Leona came close to her in terms of the quality of the massage and her knowledge of the body. She has helped me get through several sports injuries and provided valuable information and advice.


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