About Empowered Wellness

Mission, Purpose & Vision

The Lotus flower is a beautiful symbol associated with peace and tranquility, yet many are surprised to learn this plant thrives by emerging through the muddiest muck of a pond. The plant struggles through the mud and comes out this beautiful flower, the strengthening of the harsh environment all the more contributing to its beauty. We are all on a healing journey and sometimes we have to go through the nitty-gritty dirty stuff to be able to emerge as our best self.

The hands symbolize taking healing into your own hands — you must take your healing into your own hands to emerge as the best version of yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. You are the one you have been waiting for and you are your own rescue. In accepting this reality we take our power back and begin the path to finally realizing our limitless potential.

Healing takes time, it’s a journey, we all go through messy bits but we emerge as better versions of ourselves. We are all in this together and I am so honored to be your guide. The tools that you learn from in my retreats, massages, workshops, and personal training are intended to empower you to heal yourself. The value is truly priceless and you get to keep them forever. My mission is to offer you these tools so you can take the power back into your own hands and create the life you have always dreamed about.

May you be empowered to know yourself, trust yourself and believe in yourself. You already have everything you need within — the tools and services I offer are powerful supportive allies in uncovering, discovering and remembering who you really are, who you always have been.

About Leona

As a practicing shaman, certified in serving traditional Cacao Ceremonies, Leona combines her energy modalities as a spiritual life coach. As a certified Theta practitioner, a Level III Fascial Stretch practitioner, and epic retreat coordinator and leader, she is eager to help you take healing into your own hands and empower your health and wellness journey.


After graduating from the University of North Florida’s Sports Medicine Athletic Training program in 2005, Leona followed her heart’s urging to take her studies up a notch into real life experience by traveling the world to learn the healing arts firsthand. Her adventures encompassed a stunning worldwide trek across 105 countries including Thailand where she was certified in the traditional arts of Thai massage. She also studied other various modalities and techniques in her travels that she incorporates into her healing treatments today. While abroad Leona also began to foster a passion and skill-set for guiding and teaching others while teaching English in the south of Brazil and in Thailand.

Leona used her education and gifts locally to work with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a massage therapist. She also worked at Marsh Landing Country Club as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and massage therapist specializing with golf and tennis players. She also spent time at Health Point Jax acupuncture clinic offering medical massage and Thai massage for the clinic patients.

As part of her international travels Leona has offered her services on private and charter yachts, and luxury cruise lines.

Additionally Leona is a Reiki Master with over 21 years of experience in energy work. She initially discovered Reiki in college when writing an 18-page medical research paper on alternative healing options for AIDS patients, including Reiki. Ever since that pivotal realization there is more than just traditional Western medicine, Leona has continually studied energy work, and today she is a Reiki Master qualified in teaching Level 1 and Level 2 classes of the healing arts to beginners.

Recently Leona dove into the studies of aromatherapy and how Young Living essential oils can support the body’s natural healing process. Essential oils are more than just nice scents, they are surprisingly potent plant medicines which directly affect the brain chemistry in fascinating and powerful ways. She developed and now incorporates her own signature and personally customized scents during her massage treatments for optimal healing and is passionate about teaching others the potential uses for these oils in her Essential Oil 101 Classes.

Leona is passionate about continual development and learning new techniques and modalities, for example most recently studying vibrational therapy’s effectiveness to relax the nervous system and decrease trigger points. She looks forward to taking the knowledge from her world travels, her intuitive wisdom as a spiritually gifted healer, and her continued education as a therapist to bring you Tailor-Made treatments. If you are interested in learning about Reiki Levels I and II Classes or complimentary aromatherapy Essential Oil 101 classes please see the workshop section of the website to sign up or contact to have one scheduled!

Lotus photo by Aradhika Sharma on Unsplash.