Spring Retreat

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March 9, 2024
12-6 pm

Join us for an amazing in-person event in Winter Park, Florida. Get ready to embrace the spring season by discovering your true potential and unleashing your inner divinity. This retreat is designed to help you transform and bloom into the best version of yourself. You’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth through empowering workshops, inspiring talks, and rejuvenating activities. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and embrace your divine essence. Spring into a new you at our Spring Retreat!

Your Day at a Glance!

  • Breathe and Movement Activation with Intention Setting
  • Art the New You
  • Light Refreshments
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Temple Oils (7 Chakras)
  • Sound Healing with Guided Theta Meditation and Chakra Balancing
  • Ecstatic Dance – Elements of Embodiment

Doors open at 11:45 am EST, Temple begins at 12 pm EST

Tiedtke Theater & Dance Center – 1000 Holt Avenue, Winter Park, FL*

* Please allow time for parking; there is a parking garage across the street from the college.

Art the New You is creating art as a form of calling in your next level of manifestation is a powerful and introspective journey. In this transformative process, the act of artistic expression becomes a conduit for manifesting intentions and desires. Each step serves as a channel for translating inner visions into tangible, external representations. This practice encourages a deep connection with one’s inner self, allowing for the exploration of dreams, aspirations, and the energies one wishes to attract. The act of creation becomes a sacred ritual, aligning the artist with their true purpose and desires. Through this intentional and mindful approach to art-making, individuals tap into the creative forces within and set in motion the manifestation of their next level of being. It’s a harmonious fusion of creativity, spirituality, and manifestation that empowers individuals to bring their aspirations to life through the medium of art.

Experience an Oil Anointing using Bloom Fine Egyptian Oils. Oil Anointing Priests and Priestesses are also called Myrrhopores. A Myrrhophore is a Priest or Priestess of an ancient lineage who works with sacred oils. In the temples of Egypt, the priests and priestesses knew the oils opened a gateway to the divine and acted as an initiator into the inner temple. The wisdom of the Myrrhophore lives in our DNA and is activated through the use of oils.

The Seven Sacred Oils

Found listed on stunning alabaster stone tablets in tombs from the Old Kingdom, the Seven Sacred Oils have been used in ceremony in Egypt for thousands of years. The oils we will be using in our ceremony, Bloom Fine Egyptian Oils, are imported directly from Egypt. The oils are prepared by 5th generation alchemist and world’s foremost expert on healing work with the oils, Gamal Ab’del of Shikh Abdull Oils & Perfume in Cairo. These oils are part of an ancient mystery school tradition that includes using essential oils for clearing the chakras, enhancing rituals and initiations, as well as for balancing mind, body, and spirit.

The experience will awaken your remembrance through oil anointing ceremony, guided meditation, and deep-personal awareness.

Ecstatic Dance – Elements of Embodiment is a transformative and immersive movement experience that transcends traditional dance forms. Rooted in the belief that the body holds profound wisdom, this practice encourages participants to explore authentic self-expression through uninhibited movement. The dance floor becomes a sacred space where individuals can connect with their bodies, emotions, and the collective energy around them. As music flows through the various elements, participants are invited to move freely, embracing spontaneity and self-discovery. Ecstatic Dance fosters a sense of community, inviting individuals to let go of judgment and tap into the pure joy of movement. It is a celebration of the body’s inherent ability to communicate, heal, and connect with the essence of being alive.

**Clothing: We will be going into a temple ceremony, so I invite you to adorn your body and wear what illuminates your essence! You can choose to anoint the oils on your lower arms or on your chakra points. Dress however you would like to easily anoint yourself, and is non-restrictive for movement. Please note oils may get on clothing.

Your Hosts

Michelle Orwick – Spiritual Activator

Dedicated Myrrhophore, Initiated Priestess of the Goddess Path, Spiritual Activator, Master ThetaHealing Instructor, Reiki Master, Tantric Practitioner, and co-founder of BLOOM Temple.

Michelle’s tools will use the oils and help you:

  • Connect with your body, divinity, and magic through the use of Egyptian fine oils.
  • Clear blockages in the physical body.
  • *Learn to love your body more and connect to your soul through your physical self.
  • Activate your sacred self in a ritual of devotion.
  • Receive messages and activations for your ascending souls self.

I recently traveled to Egypt where I met the creator of these Fine Egyptian Oils, and was activated in the temples to a deep remembrance. I have been working with the oils in a personal practice since 2019, and have been trained by Dr. Rima Bonario, Gamal Ab’dul, and TJ Bartel.

Leona Douglass – Sound Healer & Embodied Movement Coach

Leona Douglass has a passion for helping her clients achieve new levels of health and wellness through bodywork, fitness, aromatherapy, workshops, and destination wellness retreats.

As a practicing shaman, certified in serving traditional Cacao Ceremonies, Leona combines her energy modalities as a Spiritual Life Coach. As a certified ThetaHealing practitioner, a Level III Fascial Stretch practitioner, and an epic retreat coordinator and leader, she is eager to help you take healing into your own hands and empower your health and wellness journey.

  • Date : March 9, 2024
  • Time : 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm (America/New_York)
  • Venue : Tiedtke Theatre & Dance Centre


Michelle Orwick

Leona Douglass

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